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Webinar on Organizational Network Analysis
in High-tech Manufacturing

OrgMapper is a leading provider of Organizational Network Analytics solutions. On this webinar we look at how agile, digital operating companies, particularly in high-tech manufacturing environment may use ONA to promote collaboration and flexibility via simplification, purpose and team engagement. We look at Airbus's case, as they switched to g-suit digital collaboration platform and use this as a leverage point to build collaborative practices. Then we broaden the view, identifying industry patterns and trends, with a predictive focus. Finally, we look at how OrgMapper Excellence, our new g-suite based tool helps innovative organizations in building flat organizations. The aim of the session is to share and discuss leading practices and dilemmas of implementation.


  • A relevant high-tech industry case on digital organization (30 mins)
  • General remarks, challenges in the industry (10 mins)
  • Solution highlights by OrgMapper (15 mins)
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What People said about OrgMapper


"We had a very successful project with OrgMapper during the summer of 2017. The aim was to identify the influencers (using network science) within the organization who could drive the change." 


"OrgMapper was used to select a group of highly engaged and well-connected individuals to embed the new behavioral values in the organization. “You can’t start a fire without a spark”, so the identified influencers (we called them Sparks) were positioned as ambassadors for ongoing cultural change.”


„We chose a bottom-up approach for development and roll-out of the growth strategy of the company. We could only try it once, it needed to work, and therefore we wanted to work with our internal experts. With OrgMapper we identified influential employees and involved them in future-shaping workshops, so they can act as multipliers, can help release the developed stories, and can play a key role in accelerating the change.“ 

Who'll Be Speaking?

Zsolt Szelecki

Senior Transformation Executive and Consultant

Zsolt is a senior organizational and change consultant, facilitator. He has 25 years’ experience in helping large, complex organizations to change, innovate and realize performance potential. Zsolt has particular experience in re-organizations, cultural and digital change initiatives globally. He has been consulting at large multinational organizations, institutions, NGOs and Fortune Top 500 businesses. Zsolt has experience as entrepreneur, corporate officer and independent consultant, and worked longer periods for AON Hewitt, PwC as regional partner.